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The Legend Of The Duck Commander

It was a great experience writing a book about my younger brother, Phil Robertson. I hope his Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty fans enjoy it. It is the original story of Phil’s upbringing and the way of life that shaped this unique individual and made him the legend he is today. It’s about a reactionary father who taught him he could live off the land, his struggles as a young man to reconcile what the really wanted to do with his life and the steadfast love of his wife Ms. Kay who saw him through his turbulent years. The culmination is in the invention of a duck caller that has made him wealthy and the love of God that led to his present way of life.

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One Wagon West

Luke Marion deserts from the Confederate army – the day before the surrender at Appomattox. Upon returning home, he finds it under attack by bushwhackers who kill his mother and remaining brother and wound his father. They burn the house, but Luke fortunate arrival and intervention forces them to break off the attack. The bushwhackers leave behind a new Conestoga wagon equipped to go west. He and his wounded father decide to take it to Texas, leaving the past behind. During the Civil War, troops in West Texas forts were pulled out and sent to fight in the conflict. The Comanche take advantage of their absence, rolling the frontier back 100 miles in an unprotected swath from Gainesville to Fredericksburg – killing more than 400 settlers. Pa wins a 5,000-acre-plus tract in this area during a poker game while the two are in Jefferson. They struggle in an epic one-wagon trek to achieve their dream.

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